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High level discussion confirms that to increase the value of the maritime sector for Africa a long term strategy must be developed, and this must take into consideration capacity building processes.

Training and Education will play a vital role to unlocking the potential of the African maritime sectors. By designing and implementing purposeful capacity building programmes and ensuring that certification procedure are harmonised and in line with end user needs, the lifeblood of the African maritime industries can be enhanced and developed for the benefit of the African citizen.

Training and Education will also provide the cornerstone for the realization of the African Unions AIM Strategy 2050 as well as the (2009) 'Maritime Transport Charter' and this in turn will assist Member states to implement their National Maritime Plans.

However, there are two very clear distinctions between Maritime Training and Educational delivery vehicles; these can be defined as either OPERATIONAL or ACADEMIC each route having a very distinctive difference.

AMSSA will exploit both vehicles and ensure that where possible knowledge gaps will be closed and crossovers between the two vehicles will be created. By taking this action opportunities for students or cadets will be enhanced and those who wish to transfer their knowledge and skills from one section of society to another will be facilitated. Military to Civilian for example. This approach will accelerate knowledge transfer, streamline harmonised certification processes and increase the African human value of those who work in the maritime sector.