Strategic Partners

Partnership working arrangements between AMSSA, International Organizations and other Regional, National or local agencies is key to redesigning the Maritime Sector of Africa services, and to ensuring good outcomes at lowest cost.. .

While a coalition of organizations can provide a framework from which new and vibrant maritime communities can form, local partnership arrangements, collaboration and joint working will remain a key part of any national agenda on maritime safety and security reform, policing, and economic development.

This section provides information on the how the landscape for partnership working is changing for the benefit of the African Maritime Community. It looks at how AMSSA strategic partnerships are rethinking their roles and responsibilities to meet new demands. More importantly it examines the impact on local partnership working of the government’s main legislative proposals. And explores issues of governance and accountability.

The African Maritime Safety and Security Agency has made transparency and openness a cornerstone of its approach to accountability, across all parts of its work.

The idea that public related service agencies should collaborate and work together is nothing new. Achieving collaboration over a sustained period is a challenge for local politicians and senior decision makers from all sectors.

Where partnerships are purely voluntary, they rely on partners having shared interests. Even when consensus is achieved this can easily be diluted by external pressures. Identifying and ensuring that factors which encourage effective joint working within strategic partnerships are a priority for AMSSA. These include,

The AMSSA strategic partnerships has agreed a set of working arrangements or 'partnership framework' with clear roles. Clearly-defined roles and responsibilities help all concerned.  

AMSSA stresses the need to respect the history of partnership working in the area along with any other local sensitivities, including those in areas with both commercial and private and public bodies involved.








It is vital that donor organsiations can utilise AMSSA as a vehicle for capacity building, information sharing and the implementation of good practice ideals. If you would like to discuss opportunities please email.