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The formation of the African Led: Maritime Safety Security International Centre of Excellence [MSS ICE} combines three related and complementary concepts:
  1. The creation of a "global platform" in Marine/Maritime Safety, Security research, education and training, that will allow the free movement of knowledge, researchers and technology, with the aim of increasing cooperation, stimulating competition and achieving a better allocation of resources;
  2. A restructuring of Maritime Safety, Security research, education and training by improved coordination of International research/training activities and policies
  3. The development of innovative Maritime Safety, Security research, education and training policy which addresses the needs of the international Maritime communities. CLICK HERE FOR WEBLINK

The ASSI primary mission is to bring all those who are active in African Based research and development or who who have an active and reputable industry, professional or academic interest in African safety security together: the purpose of which to accelerate knowledge exchange and from which a vibrant pool of experts can develop.

The key areas of AMSSI interest:

  • African Marine Environmental Security
  • African Maritime Governance
  • African Maritime Human Resource Development
  • African Maritime Safety and Security (inc Defence)
  • African Maritime Industry
  • African Ports and Logistics

An electronic journal will be compiled and released ever three months. This will be sent to all subscribers and will also feature an employment and opportunities section.


ASSSI- welcomes you and your interests and we are currently seeking - contributors. please e-mail kl@amssa.net